Example configurations

The interfaces for each Fontsampler can be configured in the admin panel.

At the very minimal configuration, there is only the interactive text preview:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but setting clever proverbs in a quality typeface sure helps!

Typeface: Proza Libre by Jasper de Waard

Any Fontsampler can be configured to have a maximum of options, depending on what you want to present your visitors with you can select from these interface options:

  • Font size
  • Letter spacing
  • Line height
  • Dropdown for sample texts (which you can also configure)
  • Buttons for inverting the text and background colours
  • Buttons for switching text Alignment
  • Dropdown for activating available Opentype features (automatically detected from your webfont files)
  • Dropdown for switching between multiple fonts in one Fontsampler

Showing several fonts in one Fontsampler:

You can show the fonts of a typeface family in one Fontsampler, or showcase a mix different fonts - just configure it!

Typefaces: Oswald and Pacifico by Vernon Adams

Use for any script, also with alternate writing direction:

דג סקרן שט בים מאוכזב ולפתע מצא חברה

Typeface: Noto Sans by Monotype

All the selected available interface options can be arranged via drag and drop in the admin interface. If you so want, you can have one row of buttons, followed by the text field, with further options below.

Fontsampler supported families with different widths (since version 0.1.3)

Support for families with multiple widths!