The Fontsampler WordPress plugin lets you embed interactive font previews of your OpenType webfonts. It is intended for type designers, foundries, resellers and anybody else interested in showcasing nice webfonts on their WordPress site. And it’s free! (Although donations are welcome)

Embedding a Fontsampler anywhere on your site

The plugin works via shortcodes, so simply adding [fontsampler id=123] in any page or post on your wordpress site will render the selected Fontsampler with its options, for example like this:

Type here to test this exquisite typeface...

Typeface: Alegreya Italic by Juan Pablo del Peral

Configure as needed

Each Fontsampler instance can be provided with different fonts, interface options and defaults. That way you can set up different types of interfaces and tailor the experience to your users need.

You can activate all interface options:

There are plenty of interface options.
Use with consideration!

Typeface: Cormorant by Christian Thalmann

Or even use solely the interactive input field:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy cat... or was it the dog?

Typeface: PT Sans by Paratype

You can tweak the interface colours, adjust the interface labels and options, and much more. Check the examples page to explore more options.


Simply login to your WordPress site’s admin panel. Go to Plugins and select Add new from the top, then search for “Fontsampler” and let WordPress handle the installation from there.

Alternatively you can download the zip archive of the latest release from github. After downloading, unzip the archive and copy the folder into your /wp-content/plugins folder. After that, you can activate the Fontsampler plugin from your WordPress site’s admin panel and a Fontsampler menu point will be added to the admin panel.